275 Gallon Prefab Panther Package Kit

  • Balcrank Panther 3:1 Pump • Balcrank 50' Hose Reel • Balcrank Ele. Metered Control Handle
  • Suction Air Eliminator • F/R-I Mini Auto Drain • 1/2" Pressure Relief Kit • At-A-Glance Gauge
  • Hoses, Plugs, Caps, & Fittings

330 Gallon Prefab Panther Package Kit

with same features as above
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LYNX PUMP/ 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 Ratios

  • Double acting positive displacement pump – delivers fast uniform, constant flow.
  • Patented air valve – designed to operate with low air consumption and moist air.
  • Air valve design has fewer components - for reliable operation; easy and economical maintenance.
  • Built in sintered brass air filter – assures clean & quiet
  • Anodized aluminum air piston – corrosion resistant, less sensitive to moisture in air system.
  • Height adjustable 2” bung adapter – to fit all types of drums, drum covers, tanks, etc
  • Pump inlet easily accepts a variety of extensions - to fit all types and sizes of tanks and containers.