On Tire Changers we:

(1) Check Operation and Evaluate Needs
(2) Check Table Top for Spin, Clamping, and Air Leaks
(3) Check Pressure on Bead Breaker and Air Leaks
(4) Check Foot Pedals Valves
(5) Inspect All Moving Parts

(6) Make Notes of Parts Needing or Will Soon Need To Be Replaced

On Balancers we:

Balancers sometimes require special attention.  Call us  or inquire by e-mail on balancer repair issues for a free quote.   In general, we can check wear of shaft and cones.
We must check calibration requirements to place balancer on a Preventive Maintenance Program.

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Repair and Preventive Maintenance Program

Often, maintenance is over looked on ALL SHOP EQUIPMENT; this leads to down time and costly repairs.
With our Preventive Maintenance Program, repairs will eliminate unexpected down time, and unknown cost. A formal quote will be given on all repairs, parts, and labor. Also, a schedule of repair time will be planned on any equipment that will be shut down for repairs. So, whether you are wanting to inquire about the program or you have an equipment failure that needs attention now, call us at: (706) 629-9958

We would like to help you improve system reliability, decrease system downtime, and prevent premature replacement of equipment.  We are ALI Certified in lift inspections.  

DATA TRENDING - we will set up a guide for operational data to be recorded that can help troubleshoot emerging problems. Take a look below to see what we repair and cover on our maintenance program.  We will send someone out to give you a free estimate for our Preventive Maintenance Program.
For repairs, we can usually talk to you over the phone and give you a basic idea for price before we come out. On repairs, some things can be unforeseen until we check the equipment out.  We cover a 90 mile radius from our shop located in Ranger (Calhoun) Georgia. For a quote call or e-mail us the form at the bottom.

On Brake Lathes we:

(1) Clean Up Brake Lathe
(2) Note Any Repairs
(3) Bits Will Be Available

Upon Request

On 2 Post and 4 Post Lifts we:

(1) Check Cables
(2) Check Anchors
(3) Check and Apply Greases Appropriately

(4) Inspect All Lifting Points

On Air Compressors we:

(1) Check Operational Data & Evaluate Needs
(2) Clean Air Compressor
(3) Change the Oil
(4) Change the Filters
(5) Check Belts & Alignment of Pulleys(6) Check Specific Parts for Proper Tightness